What is High Performance Felt?
Felt roofing is used on flat roofs and can be seen on many domestic and smaller commercial properties. It involves taking tools of felt and covering the roof space, with each roll of felt connected and sealed using bitumen. The modern felt used is very high performance and certainly doesn’t suffer with the issues that some felt roofs from years ago suffer from in terms of wear and tear and leakage, although it has often been associated with fitter error though poor skills and workmanship, a problem that you need not worry about with Skyline Roofing Solutions with our highly trained and experienced team.

How do we Install It?
If it is a new build that we are roofing, we would get involved at the planning phase ideally but at the very least, well before the build was completed so that we could advise on the best way to approach the job. Most of our high performance felt roof fitting is to replace or repair systems that have failed or are shortly going to experience problems. Our team is well qualified to remove all existing roofing products and replace with the new, modern and highly performing membrane, working to the most stringent safety standards with the burners during the sealing process.

What are the benefits of High Performance Felt Roofing?
Cost – This type of roofing is considerably cheaper than other options available to the market while still providing a highly effective and watertight roof.
Longevity – While not as long lasting as some other roofing options, high performance felt roofing does generally come with a lifetime expectancy of around 30 years and most suppliers will offer at least 25 year guarantee, so based on cost it is a very effective and efficient solution.
Lightweight – Because the felt is much lighter than other types of roofing, it allows the ability to fit or retrofit on more lightweight structures that might not be able to take a different treatment.
Strength – Unlike felt that was produced and fitted many, many years ago, the modern felt is very high performing meaning it is tear and puncture resistant.
Choice – You can get a wide variety of colours when using felt roofing and therefore it offers a range of options in terms of external aesthetics that you can’t get with other treatments.

What are the drawbacks of Felt Roofing?
The main drawback of felt roofing is simply that it doesn’t last 100 years! Based on the cost of the treatment and the flexibility that it offers, providing a professional and highly trained outfit like Skyline Roofing Solutions fit the roofing, you won’t have any problems for several decades, giving you peace of mind.